Friday, July 18, 2014

The beginning (17th & 18th of July)

I don't like flying. Guess I never really did. After too little sleep (someone was packing her bag until midnight...) and some traffic jam on the way to the airport we caught the A380 to Singapore and took off around 12 pm. The flight was good until we crossed India. From there it got rough and bumpy nearly all the way to Singapore. The cabin crew was nice and friendly as always, the food was good and the cabin temperature was way too low as expected :).

Touch down was at 5:21 am and we left the airport in a cap at 6:15 heading to the Parkroyal Hotel. We didn't sleep much during the flight, around 3 hours, and unfortunately our room was not available when we arrived (official check-in time is 2 pm). To keep us awake we had a first look at the hotel and it looks great so far! The staff is really friendly and there are plants and flowers all over the place! It's all really green! I mean who has ever seen a herb garden in a hotel?! Hopefully the room doesn't change our first impression once we can move in.

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