Saturday, July 19, 2014

First day in Singapore (18th & 19th of July)

Singapore is great! It is green, like trees, flowers and parks everywhere, it is clean (not much of news) and we felt safe to wander around by foot which I really didn't expect.

After we got our room around 10:30am yesterday we decided to take a short nap. I know it's not recommended to do so but we simply couldn't resist. One hour long it should have been, in the end it was more like five... Anyways, the room is nice but nothing too fancy (pictures will follow). For dinner we went to Clarke Quay

There are tons of bars and restaurants around that area. We ended up in an Irish Pub and afterwards in Tapas Bar for sangria and CHURROS!!!! Yay :)!!

Today's program was mainly the Botanic Garden.

It is huge and offers different kind of gardens within the garden like the National Orchid Garden (well, it's about orchis...), the Healing Garden (all about toxic and healing plants), the Rainforest, the Evolution Garden and more. It's easy accessible by MRT and prepare for long walking distances if you go there. We don't recommend walking from the north eastern edge of the gardens all the way down to Orchard Road. It's a bit far and if we had a map of that area we would have taken the MRT...

For dinner we went to Octapas (on Clarke Quay again) and the tapas we had were really tasty.

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